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So Andrew, Joel—here we are at your confirmation Sunday! It is a joy to share this day with you. Andrew, you been such an important presence among us here at OSLC—Joel at Emanuel— Both of you have contributed in your own places of worship your beautiful and heartfelt singing, your thoughtful prayers, addressing the issues of our world, your active engagement in discussing ideas of the children’s and adult sermons. Since I have known you both since birth, I have a little more material on each of you than the usual confirmand. For example, when Andrew was perhaps three years old, I went to a planning meeting at his house. The meeting was actually with Christine, his mom, who met with me while

Peter, Cornelius and Baltimore

Last month in East Hartford, the local Methodist church partnered with Greater Hartford Legal Aid to screen the film “The Color of Justice,” a documentary about the juvenile justice system in Connecticut. Studies show that while children of all races commit equivilent crimes, children of color are disproportionally represented in the juvenile justice system. The film was followed by a community discussion which included police, educators, community leaders, and parents. The discussion was one of many needed to address these problems, but it built up the community and bridged a divide that has gotten a lot of media attention: distrust between communities of color and the police. Since then, F

"Jule, An Ethiopian, and Me: All Are Included"

This is a picture of me and my friend, Jule. Jule is 28 years old, and lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He loves sports, Shrek, and Garfield. Jule worked as a grocery store bagger and can make friends anywhere. We met at the summer camp Holden Village in WA state seven years ago, and during our week there hung out, took a hike, and ate ice cream together. Jule is also different—at least, compared to “typical” people. Jule was born with Downs’ Syndrome, an intellectual disability resulting from an extra pair of chromosomes in his DNA. His parents have worked hard over the years to get Jule a good education to get him into programs where he could use his gift of friendliness and learn skill

Since some can not make it to church every Sunday, here's a glimpse into the sermons from recent worship services.  


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