Singing in the Midst of the Unspeakable

sing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” There are certain hymns that I hear in my head sung by a particular person. Whenever I hear this hymn, I hear the voice of my college mentor, Mary. Mary is an American Baptist minister, part of a clergy couple that served one of the churches in the little college town where I went to school. I remember her singing this hymn in church one sunday morning, full voiced, with deep feeling, as if she meant every word. I marveled at this, because I knew it wasn't easy to believe those words. Mary's oldest daughter, Sarah, was 12 at the time, and had been experiencing health issues for several years. It started with something they called chronic fatigue syndrome wher

The Gene Pool is Real

The gene pool is real. I never really thought so when I was a young—all babies looked the same to me. But when my sister-in-law had her kids, and we had ours it all became clear to me. I knew in an instant that the picture emailed to us of baby Zoe, first born to my sister-in-law could not be mistaken for our child; She didn’t look like me or my husband, but we could see in her moments’ old face the looks of her parents. The gene pool is real. My son, Joel, laughs at one of his own jokes with a little ‘hee-hee,’ just like my brother whom he rarely sees. My cousins stood at my grandmother’s funeral exactly the same way: holding themselves, cross armed, slightly hunched forward. One side of my

The Copernican Revolution

I am indebted today to the community of Taize, France, for the title of this sermon. In the 16th century, mathematician Copernicus made an amazing discovery: the sun did not revolve around the earth, but the earth around the sun! To us this seems like common knowledge, but this discovery turned the world on its head. The medieval cosmology of the earth at the center had supported the long standing belief that people were the purpose of God’s creation and that everything circled around us. Put simply, Copernicus inspired a revolution in perspective: people were no longer the center of the universe but rather part of something much larger. Almost two thousand years before, the prophet Isaiah e

Since some can not make it to church every Sunday, here's a glimpse into the sermons from recent worship services.  


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