Easter and the Laws of Nature

My friend Sarah just finished a month long detox diet called “The Whole 30.” The idea of the diet is for 30 days to eliminate from your system foods that cause inflammation, hormone imbalance, and digestive problems. The idea is that once your body has had these foods out of its system for 30 days, you can naturally set the ‘reset’ button. The diet is supposed to change your metabolism, your overall health, even your emotional relationship with food. It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Except when you read the fine print. Because for the Whole 30, you are supposed to give up a long list of things: including sugar in any form, artificial or natural all grains, all dairy, even all legumes. You

I consider it all as rubbish

I have been cleaning out— I am wondering if you help me with me a few items for the trash barrel… what do you think they might be? Well, I have here my swim trophy from when I was 8. (put in trash can) My college diploma… high honors. (put in trash can) Seminary diploma… in latin (etc) Whoa—my whole wedding dress! Oh, here’s my stole from my ordination, and a picture of me and the bishop! There they go! And a cute little picture of my family, when they were all younger. Goodbye! Why do you suppose I am putting all these things into the trash? It has to do with our second lesson. Paul began this section of the letter with a warning: Beware! Beware of teachers who required Jewish custom of

A story for the lost

Today I share with you words written by the former pastor of my parent’s congregation, Karen Asmus-Alsnauer. He had been lost for a long time. In fact, he had been lost for so long that his family could hardly remember the time before he went away. He had been lost for so long, that nieces and nephews he never met grew up and began to reflect the smile and the talent of an uncle they had never seen. He had been lost for so long, that neighbors sometimes forgot there was another son. It's hard to talk about the lost, and so most of the time, they didn't. Their first words were sharp and angry ones -- How can he just walk away? Who does he think he is? Wait till he

Since some can not make it to church every Sunday, here's a glimpse into the sermons from recent worship services.  


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