Pepe Le Pew and the woman who washed Jesus' feet

Some of you might remember a few years back, that some skunks got into the window wells in the church. I noticed one Monday morning that the church smelled… well, a little ripe. But it was Monday AA who discovered four baby skunks in our window well. You could see them from the fellowship hall. It probably had seemed like a safe place to keep her babies, but now mama could not get the babies out. The good folks at the meeting placed a board down into the well so the skunks could climb out, but it was no use. I got the call at home from Mark, one the AA leaders. He told me about the skunks, and said he had a guy who would get them out. His name was Matt. Matt returned the next day, and using

About welcome, not worthiness

When I was a student pastor at an inner city church New Haven, I met Luz. Luz was about 40 years old, and near the church. Her daughter Lora had been coming to church for two years when I met her. Every Sunday morning I would see Luz braiding Lora's hair for church on the street corner outside their apt. building. Then she'd send Lora across the street to church. Luz never came herself. Luz was mother three kids. She got little help from Lora's dad. Her oldest son was out of the nest, but the middle one was in his early teen-age years. He got in trouble frequently, and it seemed that Luz had given up on him. Meanwhile Luz had lost her job as a nurse’s aide and was on welfare. The Pastor invi

Since some can not make it to church every Sunday, here's a glimpse into the sermons from recent worship services.  


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