Sinner or Saint?

Zacchaeus was always one of those Sunday school favorites. Children remember him for two reasons: First of all, he is short. He can’t see what’s going on. Kids identify with this, taking him as a sort of mascot for those who have yet to grow. And then there’s the fact that Zacchaeus climbs trees, right in the middle of a public gathering. How cool is that?? I remember some times when I wished I could get above those tall people to see, not to mention the long concerts and sermons where I fantasized that I could swing from the chandeliers. Zacchaeus lived what every red blooded kid wished they could do. But Zacchaeus was not so admired by the people of his day. He was a chief tax collector.

Even the sparrow finds home

Bob R. made this bird house for me several years ago. (Shows to congregation) Why do people put out bird houses? Birds have special features to keep them warm in winter—downy feathers, puffing up feathers. But many of them need to find a place protected from the wind and wet, and to huddle together for warmth. A house like this is perfect! We often call the church God’s house. Do you see any connection between God’s house and a bird house? (protection, huddle together, place of comfort) God’s house can be all those things. But birds are not meant to stay in their bird houses forever. They need to fly out into the world. Likewise we need to go into the world to share the comfort and ca

Have you got give?

What ‘give’ do you have in your life? You’re probably wondering what I mean by that question. Let me answer by telling you a story. Earlier this week, I took the French student staying with us on a day trip to New Haven. We had a great day touring the university, investigating the Peabody museum, and eating pizza. When it was time to come home, we all piled in my 1999 Toyota Sienna and I turned the key, only to hear – nothing. The engine wouldn’t even turn over. We were stuck in the parking garage with dead battery. It fell to me to find someone to jump our car. The first person I saw was a woman, walking to her car. I asked her if she had 5 minutes to help me jump my car—I had the cables. S

Guard the good treasure entrusted to you

I have a favorite picture here of my maternal grandparents, Medora and Walter. They lived in simpler times: they worked the land in western NY state as dairy farmers all their lives their day started early in the morning with the milking they had dinner at noon, and coffee at 4pm In the evenings they played cards and watched Hee Haw and Lawrence Welk on TV. I love this picture of my grandparents, because it captures their joy. They truly enjoyed each other, hard work, and company. There were always good natured teasing and a lot of jokes, like the poem that hung on their wall: PLEDGE OF UNITY The election is over, The results are known. The will of the people Has clearly been shown. Let's

Since some can not make it to church every Sunday, here's a glimpse into the sermons from recent worship services.  


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